Discussion on: Optimize For Simplicity First

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Riccardo Bernardini

I totally agree with this. Correctness, not efficiency, should be the first goal in software production. Speaking generally, a code that is simpler it is also easier to read and to mantain (and bugs have less cracks to enter from).

On a side note, this morning I was just thinking about how the approach to "efficiency" in software has something of schizophrenic... If you talk about computational complexity (i.e., a O(N log N) complexity vs O(N^2) for sorting algorithms) you can get comments like

"Why do you care about this? Where do you live, stone age? Nowadays we have smartphones, cloud, edge compunting, AI..."

by the same persons that write

x << 3

instead of


because "it is more efficient" (although compilers have been transforming the latter into the former since the '80s)