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Scripting LCD on Wio Terminal with ArduPy

One of Wio Terminal key features is the LCD display. It can be used to provide a graphical interface for your device. In this tutorial I'll go over using the LCD in MicroPython with ArduPy.

Wio Terminal

To get ArduPy running on Wio Terminal we have to flash it with latest ArduPy build. It's described on wiki and in short it's like so:

  • Enter bootloader mode by pressing the power button down two times quickly - this will mount Wio Terminal like if it was a flash drive
  • Copy the UF2 ArduPy file - the device will reconnect shortly in ArduPy mode

Optionally you can install aip on your local machine. This tool can help managing Wio Terminal, especially for ArduPy.

Now for the LCD there is a reference of the module: - which we can use to draw text, geometric shapes or even simple graphics (assuming we handle low memory limitations of the microcontroller):

Code and more details on:

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