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Going online in 5 minutes with Netlify

I'm finally online and it took 5 minutes

Yesterday, it turned out that a personal website for my consulting company is a must, in order to apply to various projects in the realm of innovation and actual hard R&D.

What I wanted

Sitting in front of the screen, it dawned upon me - it's 2018, and the web has changed. How do I host my own website with minimal effort? I could land an AWS EC2 instance. I could buy a hosting service somewhere, and upload files. There are all sorts of classical ways of doing things. This time, I wanted to check out the promises of the infrastructure we're all building.

I found Netlify

After looking around, I stumbled upon this reddit thread which pointed me to Netlify. Indeed
The deploy your site in seconds portion of the landing sold me. After registering the account, you need to connect to GitHub and choose a repository for a CI deployment. After that, Netlify let's you use the build command you want.


You can allow netlify to access your account or a specific repository. I chose my personal website repository, which is based on a free Vue.js / Material Design template..

I also bought a domain from my local provider, After setting the A DNS record in the domain configuration to point to cocky-lichterman, Netlify's deployment, waiting a minute or so, I was up and running with my new personal website, hosted with Netlify.

Out of the box, you get Continous Integration. After pushing the changes to master, Netlify automatically rebuilds the Vue.js app and deploys to production.


The combination of Vue.js, Netlify and GitHub seems to work for me since yesterday. Netlify is free for personal projects and right now it seems like the best option for me. I hope you found this post informative!

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Jorge Ramón

Sounds really good, thanks for sharing and I'll give it a try :D