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  1. Take a break (you did already, good! πŸ˜ƒ) or reduce working hours to something different

    • Something different may also be coding, experience a bit with other technologies, do everything you have in the "I'll do this later, when I have time for this"-list – I do this right now and it feels great
  2. Write down all tasks on one place only, then organize them

    • Most stress comes having a constant huge backlog in your head (β€œI have to remember doingβ€¦β€œ) and from switching context to often (β€œNeed to do this quickly, to finish that…”).
  3. Accept failure

    • Really. You dont need to be the perfect code, write the perfect code, solve all tasks. You should aim for the best, but dont act under constraint.



Thank you. I feel that #2 should be an improvement area for me. I've got to get my todo list back in order.

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