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Discussion on: PRISONERS learning to code. I spoke to a room full of prisoners to motivate them. Here is how that went.

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Alexandre Plennevaux

Hi Danny! I totally share your drive. I believe the best place to fix society is where society ends: prisons.
At BeCode, we are going to pilot our first coding training inside a prison in Belgium this year (in fact, it would have started if covid hadn't arrived). This pilot will be done as part of a European initiative: but we plan to continue beyond and iterate.
I'm curious how your program is going, what tool(s) you use with the inmates, and if we can help each other!

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Danny Thompson Author

It is not my program. I just spoke there to motivate and give inspiration to the prisoners who will soon be developers. I know they are learning C#, Javascript, react etc.

I really wish you luck on this program! If you find that the students need some motivation or hope, message me. I would absolutely be open to spending 30 minutes on a video call if you have those capabilities inside the prison.