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Discussion on: Using Rails secret weapon: ActiveSupport::Notifications

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Pere Joan Martorell

I don't understand why is synchronous, since it's an event that is listened by others I would expect it to be asynchronous. This has some implications, for example if I run an ActiveJob job and their events are listened by a subscriber and the subscriber raises an exception, this makes the job to fail.. I don't like it

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Adam Cuppy

The synchronous part is that the Notification event is run in sequence - just like a call to ActiveJob to enqueue a job would be an event in a sequence. However, unlike an ActiveJob enqueued job, where it's pushed to a datastore for another process to pick up and run, these Notification events are run fully at the time they're called.

As Timo mentioned, if you use that event to do some expensive processing, it would be in sequence and hold up the process until it was complete.

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