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Discussion on: How to never touch your mouse again 🐭

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Paweł Kubik

I was making the same argument about Vim and tried few interesting alternatives in VSCode, e.g. WASDMap (basically Alt + WASD for navigation). The problem I had was that I'm working on 2 machines with both VSCode and IntelliJ. It became too burdensome to synchronize all my ideas across both two machines and two editors.

Eventually I realized that Vim is such a neat standard. It's so popular that it's available almost everywhere. Plus Normal/Insert mode idea is quite appealing once you remap CapsLock to Escape.

At the beginning, I was actually quite fond of using mouse and arrow keys in the editor, but it suddenly changed when I started to enjoy working on a laptop from my balcony chair. Selecting text with a touch-pad seems completely wrong.