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Teams Deploy Tab

My Workflow

Teams Deploy Tab deploys Teams apps to the Teams store semi-automatically with the Microsoft Graph API. I only heard about this competition yesterday, and just released the Action now so it's not in use yet. But I'm hoping to use it to drive adoption of GitHub at my company, starting with a custom tab I finished yesterday!

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DIY Deployments

Yaml File or Link to Code

GitHub logo pl4nty / teams-deploy-tab

Create or update a Microsoft Teams custom app from a manifest zip file

Deploy an app to the Microsoft Teams app store

Creates or updates a Microsoft Teams custom app from a manifest zip file.


  • Global administrator account (application-level permissions aren't supported)


  1. Register an AzureAD application
  2. Copy the Tenant and Application IDs
  3. Navigate to the Authentication tab
  4. Configure the Reply URI as
  5. Enable "Treat application as a public client" (at the bottom)
  6. Navigate to the API permissions page
  7. Add the Microsoft Graph AppCatalog.ReadWrite.All Delegated permission and grant admin consent


  1. View the action logs while running (eg
  2. Browse to the provided link within 15 minutes
  3. Authenticate with a global administrator account
  4. Enter the provided code

Inputs (required)

Variable Description
AAD_APP_ID AzureAD application ID
TEAMS_APP_NAME App display name
MANIFEST_PATH Path to the manifest file


on: push
name: Deploy to Teams
    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
    - name: 

Additional Resources / Info

I've heard from other OSS contributors that the complex deployment process puts them off building Teams apps. Hopefully this Action can help them!

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