Practice Go: a collection of Go exercises

plutov profile image Alex Pliutau ・1 min read

This GitHub repository I created to provide different interesting tasks to be solved in Go, anyone can participate in it, and we will choose the fastest and the most elegant solutions.

practice-go repository

Almost every week I post new challenge without a solution with tests written also in Go, so what you need to do is to write code and pass tests.

For now we have only 15 challenges, but I am not gonna stop!

How to solve

  • Each folder has a README.md file and _test.go file, check it and find what kind of function you need to implement.
  • Code this function in the separate .go file inside a package and run tests. You may use anything you want except 3rd-party packages.
  • Create a PR with one .go file.
  • We will choose the most fast and elegant solution and merge into the repo within 7 days.

Also you can send me your challenges! Let's Go!


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Rafael Acioly

this is cool, you know exercism.io?

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Alex Pliutau Author

Yes, solved few problems there. However, here is my collection.