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I like the perspective. I've had a situation where I had to manage two teams and the business was expecting me to oversee work done by the two teams and also participate in building a different product from what my teams were working on. It was hard to manage these expectations (having time with my team and churning out code for the other product). I think you've shed some light on how I can best approach it in case of a next time.



Happy to help, thanks for the feedback!

I think you’re taking a great approach.

I’m learning to take a step back to figure out how much of my time the business is going to need, and dialing back the amount of coding I personally do appropriately.

I used to expect the business to give me enough time - now I try to take more responsibility to set expectations with everyone for how much I can do myself.

It takes courage, but when done right it lets me work at a sustainable pace where I let people down less by helping the team keep ideas flowing.


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