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Top eCommerce Website Design Features and Tips in 2021

Your eCommerce store isn't complete until it is able to engage and keep customers. In order to do this, retailers may need to develop an appealing and user-friendly eCommerce website. If your eCommerce store is able to make buying easier and make it easier for customers to buy, you'll see the most significant increase in sales.

In order to achieve this, retailers may want to invest in specific design elements in order to provide a seamless interface to visitors. Customers must be able to find information. These features will enhance the way that customers interact in the eCommerce store and provide them with a the best experience. What is more, PNM Group is one of the leading Creative Agency Toronto. Design, Development, SEO, IDX Canada, Branding, and Beyond.

E-Commerce Website Design

Store owners will be able to transform their typical day-to-day customers into long-term customers. Here are the features that an eCommerce retailer should try to incorporate in their eCommerce store before 2021.

The most important design features to eCommerce sites

  • Search Wizard
  • Carousel Slides
  • Megamenu
  • Newsletter Pop-up
  • Product Comparison
  • Banners
  • Reviews
  • Help Desk

Search Wizard

It is not everyone's favorite to click on a link to search for their favourite products. It is possible that they prefer to type in the information and then go to the item right away. In this case, browsing through the website can deter the desire to buy. Therefore, retailers will require an advanced tool to find products on their site.

The search wizard will search the web, analyze and present huge volumes of relevant data in nearly real-time. Not only that it will be able to pull relevant data from the moment the user begins writing (minimum 3 characters). Users will also have the option to see every result for the search query they typed.

Carousel Slides

Although it's not appropriate for every eCommerce company, it's an effective method to attract visitors straight off your homepage. Merchants can display top-selling products as well as other promotions that can draw interest of users. This feature has been proven to be informative and impactful.

Integrating this into your online store won't require any effort. It also gives sellers the opportunity to display important information when users arrive at the home page. Display captivating and convincing images of your products that entice customers to click, go to the product's page and buy them.


A well-designed mega menu that efficiently organizes all your products in subcategories and categories will be extremely useful to the users of your site. Customers will be able navigate the site by simply navigating through the menu. It is more than anything else it enhances the experience.

Merchants are able to first separate all their SKUs , and then group them into categories and subcategories of the menu. Users will be able to find the item. Merchants may also include images and icons to every label on this mega menu. Make sure to design your site mobile-friendly.

Newsletter Pop-up

One method to stay on top of your customers who are loyal is to send them an email newsletter. Include a pop-up on the home page , which is activated after a certain time. Anyone who visits your website must experience them as a pop-up. The pop-up can collect an email address and send details on sales, deals patterns, trends, and other important information.

Newsletters are the best method to draw customers into your shop. Even non-registered customers can convert after seeing a great bargain in the emails. Merchants are able to interact with customers by providing tips, trivia, and general news about eCommerce and more. Newsletters are the most effective way to establish a connection with your intended audience.

Product Comparison

Every now and then, consumers may feel the need to look at comparing two or more products in order to determine which one is the best for them. In this situation, having an instrument for comparing products simplifies their problem and helps ease their decision-making process.

Being able to compare several products from different angles will help users gain greater insight into their options. Users must be able look at dimensions, color of the product, weight, price and more, based on the specific industry. Let customers get the most complete overview of technical aspects of the various products.


The display of banners on the homepage, particularly animated ones, has been proven to draw attention of visitors. You can include anything you want however ensure that your content is as striking bright, vibrant, and lively as you can. The most attractive and attractive banners are highly visible.

Everything that is displayed in the banner will be noticed by the people who visit. Merchants can have the top-selling items, any item available for sale, or even the ability to use a countdown timer in order to increase the an urgency. There is a guarantee that people will be enticed to click. Therefore it is very likely that orders will go up.


Owners of eCommerce stores can set up an area on their website for positive reviews and positive feedback including ratings. Customers will immediately feel a sense of trust and feel more confident joining with your company. Thus, any customer who encounters this information is more likely to make orders through the website. Sincere and honest reviews help the brand appear more reliable to visitors.

Help Desk

Include a helpdesk floating on the pages of the eCommerce website as is possible. Customers can use the help desk to send tickets with regards to their orders. Any issues that arise when placing an order are able to be addressed using the form that appears when you click this widget.

By submitting the form, tickets, an unique ticket number is generated. This is sent to the customer via email, and to a representative from Support team. Merchants can also make use of the unique number for consolidating each message that is exchanged in relation to the purchase.


Users can include their preferred products on the Wishlist. Additionally, let them share the list with other users on the site , and make it available with social platforms. Wish Lists are an excellent option to create gift lists or shopping lists. Additionally, this useful tool can act as a reminder for the future purchases. Users can locate the product conveniently in the near future.

Call-to-action (CTA)

Engage your users to click on your website by showing an attractive, bright and attractive CTA on different web pages on the eCommerce store. A CTA will require some kind of contact in the future.

In a rational and qualitative way, make sure you have as numerous CTAs in the best way you could on the website. The user shouldn't need to click through "Contact Us" or the "Contact Us" page or to a form in order to reach an important person within your business. Additionally, PNM Group is proud to announce IDX Toronto service for Toronto Real Estate Board - IDX Listings Only.

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