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Testing is good for three things:

  1. Documenting code usage and functionality. Comments can lie. Tests cannot.
  2. Ensuring basic use cases have been fulfilled and that unhappy paths cannot be fulfilled.
  3. Preventing regressions. Once a defect has been found, that should be the last time that defect is found by humans. Computers are excellent at doing boring, repetitive work.

I suggest you read / watch the following:

Unit testing: How to get your team started

Top Five (Wrong) Reasons You Don’t Have Testers

The Hidden Costs of Neglecting Testing (shameless self-plug)

Testing both automated and manual can reduce significantly reduce defects in software. This senior developer is just plain wrong. Which is OK, and presents an opportunity for you to educate them.

Google, Amazon, Facebook, and every major software company write tests, employ QA departments, and automate as much as they can.


Thank you for the resources, I will check them out!
I am a beginner with testing but I can see the potential benefits. Although I understand it can take a lot of time in the beginning and a shift in thinking about code and development. Habits are difficult to break and create.

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