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re: I expected this to be more like "[A] simple command" and not "Did you know there is a hosts file which exists and you can edit?"

Here you go:

sudo su
echo "" >> /etc/hosts
echo "" >> /etc/hosts

Will work very well to block a website. Unblocking the website will need more sophisticated version of this by having conditional statements and patterns to remove the matching entries. I prefer editing the file, it's much faster and neat.


I was thinking of having two /etc/hosts files:

a. one that blocks distracting websites
b. a "normal" one

Also, a cron job (?) that is running twice:

a. in the morning to activate the "blocking" one (renaming?)
b. in the afternoon (after work anyway) to activate the "normal" one

Was thinking about the same but dunno how...
How? 😀

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