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  1. Is there any specific reason for keeping # of followers hidden on people's profiles? (X can see who follows them, but X can't see who follows Y by looking at Y's profile). This is a common feature on networking sites like twitter, quora, etc.
  2. The site appears too large and over-spacious on large monitors, maybe its geared towards only small devices (which isn't a bad thing) but ~16 inch laptops are still common these days!
  3. Its a great thing that you open sourced your code, kudos for that! (Many orgs are moving in the other direction these days).
  4. Markdown is really cool and awesome, most devs love it. Please don't change it by introducing one of those heavy text editors.
  5. However, one positive change you can introduce to the editor is that of shortcuts. For example, selecting a word and pressing ctrl + b (shortcut for bold) should surround the word by **. Similarly, pressing ctrl + i should surround it by a single *, this will be great for productivity!
  6. Maybe its just me but I think the color combination needs a revamp. The green background on "Write a Post" button reminds me of Windows-98! Its a subjective opinion though and I'm not a front-end expert, maybe you guys know better.

Being honest, I like how manages followers and reactions. It's one of the main reasons I finally joined as an active user after being a long time lurker.

Of course it's my personal opinion and my opinion only, but for me this is what makes dev special along with an incredible community.

who cares about who follows whom? I don't, really.

Finally, I like your suggestions about shortcuts!


One of the reasons for caring is it acts like a reputation token on social media (just like "likes" and "upvotes" do). For example, I'd take an author with 10K followers far more seriously than someone with just 10 followers simply because of the reputation factor.

One of the great things about DEV imo is the ability for anyone to get equal view times regardless of popularity. I wouldn’t mind seeing followers for this reason, as long as it doesn’t effect how posts are presented to us.

Well, I respect your point of view @prahladyeri , I think this would be a good debate but for another thread!

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