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Discussion on: What would you like to see on your DEV profile?

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Prahlad Yeri

One nice to have thing on profile is # of followers. Not only do people like to brag about their achievements, but your follower count acts as a reputation token on the interwebs.

Its one of the determinants for the level of trust you may want to put on an author. Like in the 18th century (when there was no internet), how do you think people came to the conclusion that some authors like Shakespeare, Wordsworth, Milton, etc. were better than the rest? That's where reputation points come into picture, those authors who were referred to by other authors who's books they used to read were treated with more respect in comparison to those who weren't.

I won't trust any random dude on the interwebs unless a hundred other people trust him/her. If that number went to a thousand, its even better, a million will convey even more trust, etc.