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re: Is it worth reading source code? VIEW POST


2 cents from my side.

I'm considering you're talking about using widely known libraries.

  1. Extension: It gives you an idea on how it works, now it's quite easier for you to extend the library

  2. Learning: It is written by experts, you'll get a lot to learn on how would you write the code (Design Patterns, Architectural Style, Optimisation)

  3. Interviews: Believe me, when I share internals of how Java works or how Spring works, it gives an awesome impact on interviewer

  4. Contribution: Rare scenario, but if you find any leak or bug you'll can sharing your inputs. Voilla!! You're an Open Source contributor.

  5. Code Review: Congratulations!! You're awesome code reviewer, you know lot many standards as you've gone through em.

  6. TBC...(Battery Low)

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