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Making a choice for Project Management Tool


I was looking for a project management tool and stumbled over plethora of tools available in the market. It's difficult to make a choice considering the growth of a project that can start with couple of people to a bigger team. This is not an exhaustive article comparing a lot of tools. I just wanted to keep it simple and share my reasoning in choosing a tool. I'll be sharing the reference links that can used to get more details. Let's get started.

Tool Requirements

Below are the requirements of a tool or parameters used to make the decision considering a startup project involving couple of developers.

  • 🧠 Learning curve
  • 🖇️ Flexibility
  • 💰 Pricing
  • 📈 Scaling to big teams

Tools Considered

PM Tools

Lets dive into each of the parameters.

🧠 Learning curve

  • Asana : It's an advance tool with lot of features that cater to complex workflows. Steep learning curve.
  • ClickUp : It's also advanced tool with lot of features and not everyone is aware about it. Steep learning curve
  • : A tool more than project management. Lots of features makes learning steep
  • Github : Developer friendly tool, learning curve is not steep and easy to grasp.

My choice : Github as its developer friendly.

🖇️ Flexibility

  • Asana : Advanced tool with lot of customization available. UI/UX is bit outdated
  • ClickUp: Advanced tool with good amount of customization and advanced UI/UX.
  • Advanced tool and highly customizable with easy to use UI/UX.
  • Github : Evolving tool with good amount of flexibility in creating boards, custom columns. Multiple board views. Easy integration with repositories

My Choice: Github due to multiple board views and customizable columns.

💰 Pricing

  • Asana : Free(15 members) and $10.99/month
  • ClickUp : Free(Unlimited members) and $5/month
  • : Free(2 members) and $8/month
  • Github : Free(Unlimited members) and $4/month

My Choice: Github due to unlimited members in free tier.

📈 Scaling

  • Asana : Scaling to large teams is expensive as advanced features are available in premium and enterprise ($10.99/$24.99 per month)
  • ClickUp: Scaling to large teams is decently priced with good features available ($9/$19 per month)
  • : Good for scaling having great features and pricing ($10/ $16 per month)
  • Github : Highly scalable to large teams as seen with some of the large projects hosted and tracked through it with decent pricing ($21 per month)

My Choice: ClickUp due to pricing and great premium features


We saw a brief comparison among different tools based on different parameters. When you are starting out on a project, all tools looks great but as the team grows, factors such as learning curve, pricing need to be evaluated. With the analysis presented I have chosen Github for my project management activity. Github has a fairly easy learning curve and comes with lot of flexibility making a good choice for developers. Overall my choice would be in the order of preference: Github > ClickUp > Asana > Any comments/suggestions/correction are welcome.


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