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EOR : Everything On Rent

Project Title: EOR [Everything-On-Rent]

Demo Link:

Link to Code:

How I built it:

-> Encryption
-> Google Places API
-> Google Pay API
-> Biometric Authentication
-> AsyncTask
-> Sign in with Google / Facebook
-> Realtime chat with Firebase Firestore

Tools and Technologies used: Android, PHP, MySQL, Firebase, JSON

Additional Thoughts / Feelings / Stories

This was a great learning experience and we truly will be working on this and try to take out the idea to market. My belief says that "If your car can earn, so can your ps4".

We learned a few things after working on such a project:
-> Different people are good at different things.
-> When testing, you are not a developer, but a user.
-> Work from home is not a dream now.
-> When the deadline approaches, the team becomes a family.
-> People are good at finding errors in other’s code.

Rent More, Buy Less, Pay Less, Save More

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