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Pro Blog - All in one package Prestashop blog module

Pro Blog is an advanced and flexible Prestashop blog module which brings all essential features of a blog to your Prestashop website. This Prestashop blog module is fully optimized for SEO and implemented with Ajax
Pro Blog - All in one package blog provide the best blog solutions for your Prestashop website. As the meaning of its name, this Prestashop module includes everything you need to build a professional blog for your Prestashop store.
Pro Blog - All in one package blog includes all major features of a blog such as: blog posts, blog categories, blog comments (with security captcha protection), stunning image gallery, beautiful image slider, latest news, featured posts, most popular posts, posts by author, blog likes, rating and reviews... (all in one package)
Pro Blog - All in one package blog comes with a powerful backend panel which is carefully designed to bring the most comfortable experience when you manage the content of your blog (add or edit blog posts, categories, slider, gallery or make configuration...). This backend is fully implemented with Ajax which helps you quickly do what you want in the backend (your backend is not reloaded when you update a post, add a new category... This is an amazing feature!)
SEO optimization: SEO is one of the most important things of this Prestashop blog module, SEO is carefully checked to ensure your blog posts can easily reach the first position on search engines (Google, Bing...) for your SEO keywords
Flexibility: This Prestashop blog module is the most flexible Prestashop blog module, everything appears on the frontend can be managed from the backend. HTML, CSS and PHP code are also made with flexibility consideration so if you're a web developer you can easily customize the display of the blog the way you want or extends its features
RTL mode: if your store is based in countries with RTL languages such as Arabic, Hebrew, Syriac... This module is for you! We have taken a lot of care on making the frontend of the module to fully support RTL languages
Multi-language support: This module is completely integrated with default Prestashop multi-language feature. Parts of the frontend are already ready translated into all the major languages in the worlds such as English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic..., You can easily translate everything from the back office


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