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Discussion on: Why I Switched From Visual Studio Code To JetBrains WebStorm

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Peter Ringelmann

Good comparison, although I wouldn't agree with you that VScode is not as well suited to large projects. I can do all the things you mentioned VScode lacks. (Eg running karma tests in IDE with wallabyJS)

To me it comes down to preference between "out of the box" functionality versus building your own feature set with plugins.

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schollii • Edited

Refactoring, search/replace, widening selection, and regression testing, in jetbrains IDE (whether webstorm or pycharm etc) blow the doors off vs code. But you have to experience these features first-hand in jetbrains IDE because just comparing "on the page" feature for feature misses important differences that have huge impact on productivity.

The only real advantages of VS code are startup time, memory and price, ie I have yet to find a feature that I use daily and that is truly better than jetbrains product. Im guessing most of us start our GUI once every few weeks, so for quick edits and minimal UI I use vs code or even vi. Re price: Most can afford the cost of quality (ie a jetbrains IDE) but don't want to out of some strabge notion that free is best. Memory is the biggest problem for me jetbrains IDE, when GUI stays open for weeks, but after using vs code for 6 months I'm going back to pycharm as I'm just missing its Ferrari features too much, on a daily basis. I'll keep VS code for quick edits.

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Jan Willem Luiten

I have been using IDE's by JetBrains for many years now and in my opinion there is no contest.

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I primarily work on IntelliJ as a Java developer. I have also used VS Code for frontend tasks. My experience is that IntelliJ (or IntelliJ-based IDEs) is quicker in terms of searching, refactoring, static analysis, etc. due to the fact that it indexes your project. Opening our monorepo project in VS Code, finding files/symbols/methods is much slower compared to IntelliJ.