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Discussion on: How Do I Start Giving Talks on Coding?

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Pritesh Usadadiya

i used to teach couple of years ago when i was in collage. I didn't follow any processes but Here is the general idea of how i go about preparing a talk / presentation.

  1. Start collecting : collect as much as information about the topic that you are presenting. (start from small portion and gradually go to big things.)
    i.e. suppose you are giving a talk about some framework then start by going from What ? Why ? and How ?

  2. Keep presentation slides minimum: Don't add everything you find in slides.just main points and nothing else (if you are using MS PowerPoint or something there is a section to add notes for each slides which will be visible to you only and not on the presentation screen )

  3. Engage: this is what frightens most people. you don't have to speak but also clear any droughts that audience have. (you can do it as you move forward with your talk or ask audience to hold for End of the talk)
    Since your topic is coding related i strongly suggest to engage with audience as you go because it becomes hard to follow through entire thing until point is cleared.

  4. Take a break: There will be a time where you might be unsure of things like, someone asked question and you are not sure what is the correct way to address, or you forgot, you missed a topic etc....
    Take a break for 10 mins and regroup your thoughts.

Keep this points in mind and i think you will be fine 🙏.

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Andrew (he/him) Author

Thanks for the advice, Pritesh!