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Discussion on: Do you Git Branch in personal projects?

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David Perkins

Client/Team Projects: YES.
Personal Projects: YES kinda?

I'm not sure if it's all laziness or a mixture of that plus nobody to really hold yourself accountable to 🤷‍♂️

I have to FORCE myself to stick to the "best practices" regarding branching if it's only myself on a repo/a personal project. Inevitably I'd end up ditching them in favour of quick and dirty commits straight to master.

Never ideal but the only person I had to answer to was myself should anything go a bit pear-shaped. Having a team/others to call you out is a great method of keeping you in check 😃

Persisting with proper branching and best practices (although taking slightly longer to manage), is definitely worth the extra effort even if it is a personal project that nobody else will really ever see the inside of.

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Apoorv Negi

Exactly ! Sticking to the "best practices" has its advantages but its a tedious task.