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10 Soft Skills You Need As A Developer.

Web development requires programming skills and knowledge. These hard skills are a must-have for every developer. Gone are the days when they only hired you for your technical ability. You now have to demonstrate non-technical skills in interviews to show the employer that you are a good fit for their company. Web design expectations have evolved significantly, with most companies now expecting their developers to have excellent soft skills.

What are soft skills?

In this context, soft skills are personality attributes that will enable a developer to interact effectively and harmoniously with his or her team members. This article shares some of the softcore skills you will need as a developer. All of them are equally important. Here are the top 10 required soft skills.


The top of this is list is communication skills. Communication is vital for any professional but, more importantly, in web design. A good developer must be able to talk about his project with the client and his team members. Situations may arise where you have to explain your work to non-developers. You will need to break the information down for them to understand. Listening is also part of being a good communicator. Listen to feedback and suggestions from other team members.


Freelancers might get away with this but not those of you who work for big companies. You have to be a team player. Some projects can be so massive that they'll require a team of up to 20 devs working together in sync to get it done. Your department might also have to work alongside others like marketing to optimize the site for making returns. Some companies engage in teambuilding activities to build rapport amongst their employees.


Let's be honest. Programming is complicated. It takes a considerable amount of time to write good code. Along the way, there will be a lot of setbacks and frustrations. Some projects might end up taking more time than what was initially intended. You'll need all the Patience in the world. In programming, Patience Pays literally.


Programming is about problem-solving. Problem-solvers are critical thinkers. You need to be able to analyze and evaluate all the data that has been presented to you to come up with the best possible solution.


Pressure to meet the deadlines will haunt you as long as you are a developer. Time management involves understanding the amount of time you have for the project and using it appropriately to ensure you complete the project in time. Managing time allows you to focus on essential tasks and get tasks done effectively. Luckily we currently have numerous software designed to help developers, e.g., Jira. Minimize distractions as a developer to get the most out of your time.


Creativity goes hand in hand with critical thinking. Being creative is probably why you got the job in the first place to help in problem-solving. Explore all the possible ways and angles you can solve a problem to come up with the best possible solution. Approach the problem from a not-so-obvious angle to see what you come up with.


You don't want yourself acting too nice in the workplace. Lack of confidence paralyzes all the other soft skills that you may have. You'll even be unable to approach your supervisor and colleagues for help. It will have you scared to make mistakes. Do not be too afraid to try things out even if they don't work out at first. This lack of confidence is primarily observed in juniors. Don't be discouraged. The more wins you get under your belt, the more confident you will become. But always make sure to remain humble at the same time.


The web development scene is a fast-paced one. Most of the technology available to us now wasn't even here ten years ago. You must be flexible enough to change with the trends at the moment. Some of the changes you might have to make include learning new skills, such as learning a new programming language. You might also have to take on extra responsibilities or work overtime on a particular project. Respond to all changes by looking for the changes' benefits and opportunities.


Over the last two decades, the web has taken over our lives in ways we never deemed possible. As a result, a lot of sensitive information has found its way online. It is crucial for you to use your code for good as a programmer. Avoid engaging in unethical hacking activities, make the web a safe place for everyone. During development, you will get access to much-classified information in the databases. Always remain ethical and adhere to the prescribed code of conduct.


Take feedback from your colleagues and your clients with a smile on your face. Accept that you do not know everything and be able to open your project up for criticism either online or face to face.


What soft skills do you think you should improve on ?

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