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A Developers Study Plan for 2020

The best decision I made last year was to study Laravel and start migrating my web project from CodeIgniter to Laravel as this ultimately landed me my current job. At my workplace I expect to continue to come across more Laravel features, PHP tricks and coding best practices.

I like to use my daily commute into London for studying. I’ll continue to watch a YouTube series on design patterns. Since my team uses design patterns it’s good to review them.

I’ve started studying statistics. Although I don’t really do any statistics currently, I think this is a mathematical topic that is really interesting and might come in useful one day. I use Khan Academy and a free online book. Khan Academy is nice as in addition to videos there are also a lot of exercises. I am also using Khan Academy for reviewing algorithms.

This year, I hope to get to use VueJS for some parts of the new version of my side-project. The best learning is done by doing, so I’ll have to think of a cool project where I can use some of my new statistics knowledge.

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