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Top 10 most used libraries and a surprising find

This is another analysis from scrapping the tech stacks of companies listed at
For the libraries I scraped around 1000 companies.

These are the top 10:

  1. React,646
  2. jQuery,179
  3. Underscore,154
  4. Lodash,153
  5. Moment.js,142
  6. Modernizr,124
  7. Redux,115
  8. Vue.js,111
  9. AngularJS,96
  10. Emotion,60

What surprised me is that jQuery is number 2 in the list. I knew React is way more popular than Vue.js, but I would have expected Vue.js to be higher up on the list. Underscore and Lodash are utility libraries that are not anymore really needed as most functionality is now available in JavaScript. I'm a bit disappointed that Svelte only made it on place 39, as it looks quite promising, but that's probably because it's quite new.

You can find the full list here:

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