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Using Augmented Reality For Advertising

Customers are increasingly preferring advertisements that have a strong message and are highly engaging. This has put the onus on the advertiser to find new methods of storytelling and mediums to interact with the consumer.

In this aspect, Augmented Reality (AR) is quickly establishing itself as a potential contender that can usurp the marketing sector. In 2017, eMarketer revealed that the AR-related ad spending is set to expand from a meager $166.7 million to a whopping $2.6 billion by 2022. This prediction has set the sector abuzz and attracted interest from marketers all over the world.

In a nutshell, Augmented Reality is an emerging technology that integrates real-time information, including text, graphics, audio, etc., with real-world objects. Usually, a smartphone is used as a medium to relay AR content.

Augmented Reality became popularized after the technology was leveraged by the 2016 game, Pokemon Go. Today, this technology is being utilized by global brands to promote their products and increase engagement with their audiences. For instance, the retail giant, Zara used AR to change the way people shop. By simply pointing the camera towards mannequins in the store, the customer can bring them to life and try on new clothes. Similarly, mobile phone conglomerate, OnePlus, used the AR medium to launch its latest phone - the OnePlus Nord amidst the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

AR is also very popular among the millennials and the Gen Z crowd. The technology’s playful nature has captivated the imagination of millions. A survey on Snapchat revealed that 70% of its 203 million user-base spend up to three minutes daily exploring the AR features on the app.

However, making AR practical and accessible to the normal marketer is still a long way off. Luckily, this wait will come to an end soon! This is because PROMO International, a Dubai-based enterprise, is actively building a dedicated application for the advertisement sector. This app will utilize cutting-edge technologies, such as Augmented Reality, to deliver attractive and engaging advertisements directly to the customer’s device. This way, marketers can create relevant promotional content that is highly interactive. Additionally, PROMO International’s solution supports high-resolution content, thus benefiting advertisers massively.

To spearhead the development and launch of the application, PROMO International has recently announced an Initial Coin Offering. During this event, the PROMO International Coin (PIC), an ERC-20 token, will be available for sale. Participants can purchase this token to participate in the ecosystem and draw benefits from the platform. Apart from the ICO, a bounty program is also underway. Here, the participants can complete simple tasks, such as article writing or video making, and earn rewards in PIC. For more information on the PROMO International vision, visit the official website at

PROMO International has recently launched its demo application for the Android and iOS platforms. Through this demo app, individuals can experience the basic features of the PROMO app.

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