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Hi Richard! We have a similar history. But I started at 19. First job at 21. Now (25 yo) I work full time as Solution Architect (leading I+D+I) and Full-stack JavaScript. To the date I've been working remotely for almost 4 years but now I feel the need to get an office job. Did happened to you something similar? Any advice to improve the home office environment?


Hi brian wow thats awesome its amazing to meet people woth thr same history. 😁

Also, yes. Constantly. I guess the best advise i can give you is tk separate work from home. I know its not practical but it does wonders for me. I rent an office space now instead od working from. Its a coworking space so its soet of like a shared working space youll find ithers witb similar backgrounds and fielda to work with and you wont feel isolated everyday. This can be an amazing productivity booster


Yes! I thought about that. I didn't see any profit on paying for space I don't need but few month ago it started to have sense. So it will be that, or live like a digital nomad, working from different country haha. I think the key of the question is move and seeing people around. Thanks for the answer!

Yes i think just the movement of life is stronf enough for us to spark our creativity

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