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Cheerio JS Vs. Proxies API

proxiesapi profile image Mohan Ganesan Originally published at ・1 min read

The world of web scraping is varied and complex, and Proxies API sits at one of the most crucial junctions. They are allowing web scrapers/crawlers to bypass IP blocks by using a single API endpoint to access our 20 million-plus high-speed proxies on rotation.
One of the questions we get frequently is how we are different from services like OctoParse or Diffbot. Many times it is like comparing Apples and Oranges. Still, when we send this comparison table to our customer's developer team, their CXO, their marketing or SEO team, they typically get it quite easily if we are a convenient service or not.

So here is how we are different from Cheerio JS.

Cheerio JS is ideal for programmers with experience in JQuery. You can deploy Cheerio JS on the server-side to do web scraping easily using JQuery selectors.

Scraping can be as simple as

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