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Season of Docs-Community Bonding Period (Meeting-1)

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On the 26th of August, I had an introductory meeting with the mentors with regards to my Season of Docs project, i.e Planning and preparing the GUI documentation as well as removing the non-API documentation from the currently existing API documentation and adding it to the newly prepared GUI documentation of SynBioHub.
Currently, the program is in the community bonding phase, which will run till the 14th of September.
The timeline can be found here.
The meeting began with self-introductions and then followed a series of discussions, wherein several points were discussed such as my proficiency with github, github pages,etc.

The following tasks have been assigned to me, which are to be completed before 14th of September:-

  1. Setting up a blog.
  2. Sending an introductory Email to the SynBioHub users group.
  3. Getting started with ACE docs.
  4. Removing the non-API documentation from the API docs and pasting it on to this repository.
  5. Using SynBioHub to get hands-on experience.
  6. Going through the API documentation a bit more thoroughly.

The next weekly meeting will take place on 2nd of September. By the next meeting, I hope to complete the first 3 points and hopefully,I'll start with removing the non-API documentation.

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