Discussion on: I'm stuck instead of moving forward. Now what?

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Mirko Vukušić

After 35 years doing this, I can say plateau is never behind me :) You just find new challanges and new plateaus. It's not like it's only one :)
I'm too an impatient one, reading fast, skipping, going back, rushing into things. But that's how my mind works, I accepted it. Im like "results addict", can't wait to get them.

Just a few random experiences/advices that come to my mind...
1) Breaks! Sometimes several day breaks! Many, many times I was stuck, slow, frustrated but was just overworked. Too much new stuff was getting into my head and my brain needed the time to process it. After a break, I was almost always surprised how simple the solution was and things just 'clicked'.
2) if you want speed at start, start with opinionated frameworks/workflows. Freedom to do any single thing in 20 different ways often is overwhelming to a beginner and makes it difficult to learn from other people's code and docs. That said, in the long run, it pays off. So I dont recommend it unless you're a "results addict" like I am.
3) do what you like, not what you think others want. In this life-long learning process, I don't see it is possible to spend so much time and effort without passion for it.

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{ marcio } Author

Very true. Thank you for your feedback! :)