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Discussion on: Being a father and a programmer in the same time

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Pablo Urcola

Love the post.
During the first year of my son, I could experience two different working routines: Remote job and office job.
I defenitely prefer the second one for one simple reason: I found really helpful to have different state of mind in different places.
While I was doing remote job, I was not able to forget the work while taking care of my child. And it was really frustrating to being unable to code because he was crying and required my attention.
Now, out of the office my mind is no longer thinking about work, so I am focused on childcare.
The drawback (there is no magical solution): Due to the strict partition of the tasks, I have a very tight time schedule. You need a work where they understand your situation and accept that you will do the minimum extra hours required* and you have to master transport ETA :)

*footnote advice: If your employer does not understand you have life after work, I recommend you to change your employer.

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