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Discussion on: Facebook Lied : A Facebook Feature Which Kills Another Feature

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Darkø Tasevski • Edited on

If you care that much about privacy why are you using FB in the first place? They are not really known for being user privacy oriented corp... If someone cares that much about their pics being used in a malicious way, they wouldn't share them publicly, right? I'm not that familiar why is this specific to India but once you put something on the internet there is not much you can do about it, and skillful (or enough motivated) people will always find a way to get this kind of data that is at the end publicly available on the client side of the application.

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Palash Bauri 👻 Author • Edited on

I agree! I think, Parents should stop their kids from using these, explaining what's the scene in facebook..
In my locality (And Most Of India) Facebook, Instagram and now the-Tiktok-thing has become kind of fashion item 😑