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Realtime GitHub Readme Tweets

Hey now you can integrate your tweets into github readme in realtime.
I have created a api which will fetch your tweets and give you a response in picture format.
A tweet looks like this:


Let's See how to integrate it in your readme.

Step 1: visit

Step 2: Enter your twitter username

here you have 2 choices. You can either enter your twitter username or you can enter a specific tweet url.

  • Tweet username will always return a latest tweet in svg rendered form
  • Tweet url will return a specific tweet in svg rendered form

Step 3: Copy the markdown code and paste it in your readme file


Step 4: Costumization

You can costumize tweet with url parameters.
Here are some:

Property Code Work
?text=fff text color
?border=000 border color
?width=700 width of image rendered
?bg=333 background color
?title=F5D76E title color
?icon=F5D76E twitter icon color

Modify the url with the above parameters and you will get a costumized tweet.

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  • Do not use # in color code. Use F5D76E instead of #F5D76E
  • For colors you can refer to COLPIC or any color code website.

Step 5: Commit and Done.

  • PRO TIP 😎: You can also use this api in your website. Just use the api url in your img tag.

Need Help?

See our GitHub repo for more information and time to time upgrades.

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