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What is hack the box?

This is a tool for hacking and hacker. This is a tool not only for hackers but also students that are learning hacking.

So what is hack the box?

As some of you might have guessed, it's a place where you hack. So hack the box gives a machines with problems for you to go ahead hack them. They go so far that to sign up you must hack the website (if you count inspecting a website hacking. but there is a little bit more to it)in a way to sign up.

Should you use hack the box?

Yes you should use hack the box you can like really get into it and it's fun when you get the hang of it. And a great place to practice and try out your skills. Plus this will remove the need for you to buy or build another computer with problems to hack into.

Disclaimer: Do not just go to hack the box without any knowledge and try and hack that will ruin the experience for you.

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