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Costco Outage - Lessons that needs to be learned

Last year's Thanksgiving and Black Friday for Costco didn't cause this much trouble. But this year, Costco website started stuttering since Thanksgiving. Costco's this year's deal is a steal for those who are looking Apple devices, Surface devices, TVs, and other general purpose items.

Business Insider reported that, this outage costed $11 million dollars. You can checkout the history of downtime in the

Costco Outage - Lessons that needs to be learned

After a downtime, Costco implemented queuing mechanism, it is similar to the physical queue where you stand to checkout in the store. After a minute, it will allow you to enter into the store. This queue will be implemented whenever user searches for an item or trying to login into their account. > Search for 'surface' > Click on the first item > Add item to Cart - this flow has more than 15MB data transferred, more than 100 requests logged, and took more than 90 seconds.


If you are new to performance testing, search Costco downtime blackfriday in Google to read about importance of performance testing and how you can correlate between web performance, user experience, and revenue.

Please share your views about any other outage that you had experienced yesterday and today.

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