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New Supervisor in Town

Recently I stumbled upon a new load testing solution called Supervisor. I landed from GrafanaCon 2020 event page. When I was browsing thru the speaker's profile, caught my attention. Matti Paksula, CTO of Supervisor delivered a speech about "Chrome browsing data to Grafana — as you browse" on May 26.

Initially I thought, the app is related is hiring and consultancy. It turns out to be a load testing solution. Then I visited, touch based with Lauri Kasti, CEO of in the chat to know more about their offerings.

Couple days later, Matti and I met online to discuss more about Supervisor, how it works, features etc. This blog outlines high level overview about Supervisor, its important features, quick demo etc.

Please note this is NOT a sponsored post.

What is Supervisor?

There are lot of tools and solutions available for performance testing in the market. Their features and offerings are legacy and similar. E.g. transactions, data parameterization, scenario set up, CI/CD, and so on.

You could ask what is unique in Supervisor. Simply put, Supervisor is a load testing solution using real browsers with no headache in setting up load generators and maintenance. You can onboard Supervisor for your testing needs quickly as possible.

Core features of Supervisor

  • Load testing using real browsers where you can view the replay
  • It does not crash your site when the test is running, if the site is not performing, it will stop the test immediately.
  • You can scale your tests from one browser to tens of thousands of browsers easily.
  • Actual response time only (no average, percentile, min, max)
  • Minimal design and intuitive user interface. If you are an avid gamer, the UI is for you :)

How to register?

Simply visit and fill the form and hit Sign up button to register. No credit card required.

Free plan allows you to run the test with 4 browsers (Chrome) for 10 minutes.

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Let us run a quick test

As I mentioned, on-boarding Supervisor takes only couple minutes. Let us run a quick test for a minute and see how Supervisor works.

Enter the URL and select the Free plan and hit go. The workspace is self-explanatory where you can slide up/down to change the number of users (browsers), start, stop, reset graph etc.

Based on the number of browsers the instances will spin up immediately. Below snapshot is for 5 users.

Once the set up is done, click on Run button which will open the test scenario design configuration. In this modal, you can configure how you want to ramp up, number of clicks, think time etc. After configuring, click on Go to start the test.

Below is the GIF shows how Supervisor executes the test in real time.

Unless you stop the test manually, Supervisor keeps executing. Below is the performance stats of my test.

Supervisor gives you pure performance metrics. No more downloading the raw data and spend time in analyzing.

In the upcoming blog, we will see more about Supervisor. I urge you to give a try and let me know your feedback in the comments section.

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