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Performance Testing in R using Apache JMeter

Performance Testing in R using Apache JMeter Couple weeks ago, I stumbled upon an open source project from T-Mobile called loadtest. You can check the repository at GitHub.

Why loadtest package?

T-Mobile is one of the largest cellular network in USA. loadtest package has been released by T-Mobile Tech team. The primary objective of the team is to load test the APIs without leaving the R environment.

Just by installing the loadtest – a R package and by writing just a line of code, you can simulate the workload.

To demonstrate the R package capability, team has released a demo website which has the API version of MIT DeepMoji project.

DeepMoji converts a string into emojis. You can check this link for more details.

loadtest R package leverages Apache JMeter under the hood.

Now, lets dive into how to setup the R environment for load testing by installing R in Windows 10 and by leveraging R extension in Visual Studio Code.


Download R 3.6.1 for Windows and validate the checksum
Download R Tools for Windows
Download Visual Studio Code w/ R Extension
Download Pandoc for Windows
Download Apache JMeter (latest version would be preferable), this demo uses JMeter 5.2

For more details, please continue at my blog.

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