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Performance Testing using Lighthouse CI Action

Performance matters. Client-side, middleware, database, server-side whatever hop you are talking about, performance matters. Google Chrome’s Audit (Lighthouse in Chrome DevTools) helps you to improve the quality of the web page by validating critical factors like SEO, Accessibility, Performance, Progressive Web App (PWA), and Best Practices.

Running audits every time is cumbersome. You can automate running audits in CLI (command line interface) mode. There are recipes for Continuous Integration using gulp.

Running Lighthouse CI Action is absolutely free and no infrastructure required. Thanks to Treo and Google.


  • GitHub Account.
  • GitHub Repository with demo web page.

But now the CI process is hassle-free using Lighthouse CI. It is an open source project available at GitHub where you can run the audits continuously running, asserting, saving, and viewing Lighthouse audit regression results.

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