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What's new in Mozilla Firefox 83.0? ✨

Today Mozilla released its next major version of Firefox browser 83.0 with loads of features and enhancements. This blog post will overview about the notable features of Firefox 83.0.

🎉 Following are the new features in 83.0:

  • HTTPS-Only Mode
  • Significant updates to SpiderMonkey - JavaScript Engine for FF
  • Pinch Zooming
  • Picture-in-Picture now supports keyboard shortcuts
  • Improved UI when presenting on a video conference
  • Improvements in search box
  • AcroForm support to work with PDFs

🔐 HTTPS-Only Mode

HTTPS-Only mode is the brand-new feature in Firefox which enables you to serve HTTPS resource if you navigate non-secured version of the page.

To enable HTTPS-Only mode in Firefox 83, go to Options > Privacy & Security, click on Enable HTTPS-Only Mode in all windows.

After enabling it, if you visit non-secured page, it will redirect you to secured version of the page.

Below is the comparison of in Firefox and Edge.

HTTPS-Only Mode

If there is no secured version found for the web page, then it will display the warning as shown below.

HTTPS-Only Mode

🐵 Updates to SpiderMonkey

SpiderMonkey is the JavaScript engine for Firefox. In this release, it got significant improvement in terms of performance, responsiveness and memory usage.

🔍 Pinch Zooming

Now you can pinch to zoom in Windows touch screen devices and touch pads on Mac devices. Yes, it is a new feature.

📽 Picture-in-Picture Controls

Now you can use keyboard shortcuts for the videos in picture-in-picture mode.

🎮 Video Conf Controls

If you are presenting a screen on a video conference in Firefox, you will see improved controls.

🔎 Selecting Search Engine

Now you can select a different search engine for your search query.

Select Search Enginer in Firefox 83

🪒 AcroForm Support

PDF Viewer feature is available since 81. In this newer version, you will see fresh look and support to fill in, print and save PDF.

Also, this release is a major for WebRender.

Apart from new features, there have been enhancements, fixes, security fixes etc.

Are you planning to upgrade right away or waiting for minor version of 83? :)

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