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What's new in Micro Focus Professional 2021 R2?

Last week, Micro Focus released its next iteration of LoadRunner products, including LoadRunner Professional, LoadRunner Enterprise, DevWeb standalone, and other products. It has been a while since I worked on LoadRunner in my projects. But constantly I will check what's going on in the product line. In this blog post we will see what's new in Micro Focus Professional 2021 R2?

When I try to download the community edition of LoadRunner Professional, my user ID didn't work and displayed a message stating that to use the business email ID. This check was not there earlier, though the placeholder displays the business or student email ID, Gmail or Outlook would work. That was my first surprise.

While trying to attempt to download the community edition, I got an email stating that the trial would be evaluated. Another surprise. Then I posted this on LinkedIn. No one wants this kind of onboarding experience. I will write more about this in a separate post. Let us focus on what's new in this latest release.

New Features in VuGen 2021 R2

In VuGen 2021 R2, you will get two new functions (technically one) : web_util_set_request_header and web.utilSetRequestHeader. This asynchronous function helps to set the request header name and value for the next request.

What's new in Micro Focus Professional 2021 R2?
What's new in Micro Focus Professional 2021 R2?

The following protocols got enhancements, feature support and more: Java, Teradici PCoIP, Citrix, and SAP GUI.

The integration window b/w LoadRunner Enterprise and VuGen now will let you know whether the script is locked by another user or not.

Bug fixes and enhancements w/ Silk Performer integration.

LoadRunner Professional now ships with Gatling 3.6.0.

No love for Windows 11 in this release, which was the most anticipated feature by me.

The most interesting feature in this release is auto-detecting the local load generators. If you are planning your test tool infrastructure, please try this feature immediately.

LGs now support RHEL 8.4 and Ubuntu 20.04.

If you are in Azure ecosystem, now you can integrate LoadRunner Professional with Azure Monitor.

Now you can export the graph data to Excel, the default format of the graph data file is now CSV. I remember proposing this feature a while ago. :)

TruClient Features

TruClient now ships with Chromium 91. The new Client-Side measurement graph has been added for user experience.

Wait For File Download
Wait For File Download

The new step has been added to validate the file download.

The interactive walkthrough guides are already sunset. Instead, you can see the video format.

TruClient Browser for TruClient Native Mobile protocol is now manual installation starting from R2 release.

Apart from the above features, you can see the bug fixes, security patches, platform support which are busines as usual.

DevWeb Features

DevWeb has a pack of new features and enhancements. Now you can integrate DevWeb w/ LRC using ScaLRD supports on-premise LG.

Improvements have been made in Correlations. Runtime settings via command line now support additional arguments using userArgs.

For ARM enthusiasts, DevWeb now supports Apple M1 ARM.

Error reporting has now improved, and other fixes have been shipped in this release.

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Are you ready to upgrade to LoadRunner Professional 2021 R2 in your company?

Please let me know in the comments.

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