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Code review


This blog is to summarize what I have done in code review for internal open source projects of Seneca College.

Overall, this is my first GitHub code review experience, which is very exciting and educating. Code review is an important stage in the completion and merge of a pull request.

Code Review 1

This is the one I used as the template and example to learn from. In this code review, our instructor demonstrated the whole process from request a code review, add reviews to changed file (code), add comment to finish a review, and request changes as follow up.

Code Review 2

This is a simple code review I did for the Telescope project. This pull request (PR) was to update the version of a dependency in package.json file. The changes applied in the PR were successfully deployed. In addition, I checked the changed file (raw code) and it looks good to me. In summary, my opinion is that this PR is good to be merged.

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