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re: Prevent phishing on the web with crypto VIEW POST


Doesn't seem like crypto is necessary here.
If the computer(browser) is trusted, then it can just send the domain to the 2FA device, and the 2FA can use the domain to see which key to use from the table of your registered keys (without actually using the domain as part of the crypto)
If the computer(browser) is compromised, then it can just send the real domain while giving your response to the bad guys.

When is using the domain as part of the crypto give an advantage over validating and discarding the domain?


While what you wrote is true, there are advantages for this being part of the cryptographic protocol. Namely with TOTP 6-digit codes the user can shoot themselves in the foot by giving away the code to some site or somebody (think of it like "oh the auto-2fa isn't working, I should just punch in the code). Of course you could hide the code from the user. There is also some complexity about which sites should be allowed to use the 2FA code (i.e. vs and the U2F protocol outlines how this all works.

If the browser is compromised then the user is totally compromised anyways (steal the sessions after you login).

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