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Discussion on: How to go fast

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Mihail Malo • Edited on

Lots of great stuff, some of which I am still don't follow completely, but should.

But two things I don't agree belong here:

  1. SSR vs SPA: there are excellent established clientside frameworks today.
    It's not that you will need a big overhaul if you start with code you can't port to the clientside and couple frontend and backend code. (You will tho :v)
    It's that for some people/teams SPA is just as fast if not faster to develop than a server-rendered application/site.

  2. Monolith vs monorepo: you say not to do microservices, but really what you mean is that you don't need to have independently versioned deployables with api boundaries at the beginning. You can still benefit from having separate deployable units, such as keeping authentication or emailing out of application server.