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Do Hard Things!!!

I started my software engineering journey on the 14/02/2022, well this was a major step for me. So as I played that first video that started with the words "Do Hard Things I said to myself "oh boy, we haven't even started and they're telling us to do hard things", being my usual procrastinating self I already started to tell myself all the wonderful ways I'd fail at this program and probably drop out three months in. But then the talk centered on grit, solving the hardest problems and I told myself Didi you can do this.
The talk about growth mindset against fixed mindset was my favorite of all, we grow up learning about how just the solution is more important, and there's no reward for effort input and varying strategies. This made me think of a scenario where a person is told "2+2=4"and he sticks to that, he refuses to believe "1+3 or 9-5"can also be equal to 4, a fixed mindset lets people not see beyond their abilities, they see a problem and believe it's beyond them, this affects all of us as individuals, as I wrote my first line in command line I was already telling myself I was going to suck at this, but I went on to finish the required tasks and I did well at them.
The power of Yet, we aren't there yet, it's just going to take sometime, don't give up remember you're here to solve the biggest problems.
On learning new things, it's day three now and I've learnt about the basic commands using the command line, I've been using Ubuntu and well let's see how the journey goes.
"I'm not employed as a software engineer yet"


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