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Repost All Your Dev Blogs on Qvault for More Traffic?

wagslane profile image Lane Wagner ・1 min read

Hey Dev friends! My name's Lane and I'm the founder of I'm thinking about adding a new feature to the platform that will give all of you wonderful tech writers a great way to get some more visibility for your posts!

I would love your feedback on the idea I'm about to outline, please let me know in the comments and with your upvotes if it's something you'd like to see!

Quick Overview on Qvault consists of computer science articles and courses that are targeted towards junior and mid-level developers that are looking to become senior engineers.

How the new feature works

In your Qvault account you'll be able to add an RSS feed, similar to how the republishing works here on All the posts from the RSS feed will automatically be republished on your blog on Qvault (with the canonical links set correctly to help with that sweet SEO juice).

Posts that get the most traffic on the site will be featured on a special section of Qvault's website to help you with more visibility.


I'm thinking of adding a feature that lets you automatically republish your tech posts on Qvault and if your posts do will you will be featured for extra traffic.

Thanks for reading! Please let me know in the comments if you'd be interested.

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