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re: Thank you for that nice project! Could you tell me about why is it better or "when" is it better to use Frontity with WordPress and not Gatsby with...

Hi Alex! Thanks for your comment. That's a very good question :)

We think Gatsby is an amazing framework, we've learned a lot from it, and the things it does it does really really well. But Frontity has a different approach in certain aspects:

  1. It's 100% focused on WordPress. This means the number of concepts to learn are minimal, it doesn't need any complex configuration to get you started and the APIs that WordPress developers use to create themes are tailored for the things they usually need.

  2. It's rendered dynamically. This means people don't have to rebuild the HTML each time they modify or publish something. Our preferred approach is SPR ( although there are many ways to configure it. It's as fast as a static site:

  3. It's opinionated. It has its own state manager and CSS solution. Thanks to that people don't need to learn things like Redux and at the same time it powers a very flexible extensibility pattern, more similar to the one of WordPress itself than to the rest of JS frameworks.

Hope it solves your doubt!

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