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Discussion on: Announcing Frontity 1.0!

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Reyes Martínez Author • Edited on


Thanks for your question :) We plan to add a source to work with WooCommerce sites but don't know yet when we'll be able to implement this feature. We are still working on other core features and have a lot of items in our roadmap. If more people start requesting it, we'll push it up.

Do you have any specific project in mind? We'd love to understand the problems you're facing (if any) and your needs. Thank you!

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(sorry for delayed reply)
Nothing specific, really. I believe that future looks good for headless WP (especially as PWA), so I'm learning how to do it. Since I created WP/WC store themes for years, but I'm new to React and "headless CMS world". My goal would be to create WP/WC PWA's :)

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Reyes Martínez Author

Thanks for your feedback! :)