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Weekly Frontend Digest (February 22 - February 28)

Hello everyone! The second part is already here. I have collected material that caught my attention more than any other information. In the end, there is a couple of projects on Codepen. (February 22 - February 28)

Small tips in CSS: transitions, filters, colors, borders, and more.

7 interesting HTML attributes that you didn't know about: for example, allow in <iframe> and ping in <a>.

[!] The most useful set of cheat sheets for web programmers: Git, CSS, JS, VSCode Shortcuts and more.

Little-known HTML attributes and how they are useful: really useful attributes in practice.

Interactive guide to CSS-Transitions: an accessible guide to transitions, complete with examples.

Processing arrays in JavaScript: a very clear explanation of how arrays work, using the example of emojis.

[!] Monetize your site: A guide to action for every developer. Monetize your website, Twitter, or Github account.

Important JavaScript methods and properties: The most usable methods in JavaScript.

var, let, and const in JavaScript: what is the difference between declaring variables.

Projects on Codepen

Keyboard Hero: keyboard simulator in pure JS

Calculator: Just a cute calculator on your phone screen

Check out my previous part and follow my Github

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