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re: Sounds similar to a product owner! Maybe look at a few reqs to see if that type of role would be a good fit.

Thanks for your comment Amara! This was actually one of the first roles I explored years ago, though, after my exploration, I don't think it's quite what I'm looking for. I think I'd still prefer to be an engineer over a product owner/manager.


Even within that title I’ve seen companies have very different scopes depending on the product or team. But I’ll keep thinking of titles that might interest you!

Totally! I've heard there are several flavors of this role - some are more marketing focused, while some are more technically focused. Though I think based on my research, it would still exist outside engineering, and I think I'm not quite ready to completely detach myself from engineering processes. Though I think it'll still be worth a deeper exploration across company types when I'm ready for my next adventure.

I would appreciate any other ideas that come to mind. Thank you! :)

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