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Discussion on: 5 Free Tutorials You Should Complete to Master the Back-End

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Rachel Soderberg

If I may make a suggestion then, I'd change the title to something that indicates that it's focused on trending frameworks/stacks.

As for not suggesting a Junior to learn C#, why not? That's where I started about a year and a half ago and it's treated me very well so far.

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Saeed Ahmad Author

Yeah Rachel. I think that it's great if you have enjoyed working with C#, but my personal opinion in this regard is that one should look forward to learn JS or Python. I think that JavaScript has great ecosystem and also you can move on to hybrid or cross-platform like React Native, Ionic or NativeScript. Plus for Python, I recommend it because of it's extensive usage in Data Science and ML.So, if you work on these languages there's a great chance that you would stumble upon something different which may help you in long term in your career. However, overall I think one needs to be familiar with general programming concepts and once you are done with that you can harness the power of any programming language to solve problems. Yeah exactly, it's more about trending frameworks.